Subscribers are better than customersSubscription marketing, product and data professionals face unique challenges that require recurring customer-centric solutions

Acquire and retain more subscriber revenue through better experience optimization.


"They are, quite simply, the best partner I've ever had. If you should be so lucky as to engage them, my advice is simple: give them a big canvas and get out of the way"

Peter Gray, Dow Jones



Performance Marketing

Managed Services in Customer Experience, Data, Digital Media and Conversion for better customer lifetime value (CLV).


Subscriber research, analytics and performance audits for better decisions.


Seasoned subscription marketers train and develop your in-house team.


+42% global subscriber growth

"HoK has exceeded subscriber volume and acquisition efficiency targets fo rus. The team has a fast and effective test and learn approach to message testing and global market expansion."

Anne Charles, SoundCloud

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+40% revenue per subscriber

"When House of Kaizen comes to the office every quarter and reports on its results, the feedback from across our business is consistent; they wish they had a single vendor as superbly competent as House of Kaizen. Thorugh their rigorous, methodical approach, they will uncover the things you never knew you needed to know about your customers."

Peter Gray, Dow Jones


+ 78% revenue YoY

"Working with the House of Kaizen team is the closest relationship we've ever had to an outside agency functioning as an in-house department. It's the best of both worlds, working with a performance focused team that understands our business and having a lot of fun doing so."

Joe Crowley, Total Gym


+38% qualified conversions

"From the first minute of our relationship, House of Kaizen has provided tremendous knowledge and expertise in the development of our digital strategy that led to huge growth. I especially value the clear and open communication, honesty and problem-solving skills and moral attitude."

Florian Hoffman, Brainlab


+87% Subscriber growth

"In the 8 years we have worked together, our business has growth at double digits year over year. They have always been creative in their approach to our business as well as provide a compelling level of knowledge."

Foy Sperring, Audible


+32% increase in revenue

"House of Kaizen's end to end capabilities together with their commitment to a full performance model has created a strong partnership that is helping us grow the Direct to Consumer division."

Gareth Phillips, McAfee

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Acquire, Onboard, Engage, Expand, Retain, Win-Back

Subscribers, Members, Loyalists - their repeat consumer behaviors are different than one-off ecommerce customers. Understanding their journey emphasizes motivations and mitigates anxieties for optimal growth experimentation.

Test & Learn to

Delight & Grow