Who Are You Marketing To? The Importance of Subscriber Personas Posted on 2016-12-16 10:45:00 by House of Kaizen

The level of personalization needed to create brand loyal fans comes from truly understanding the customer. Conducting extensive customer research to better understand everything about your target audience – demographics, buying habits, online usage patterns, where else they go online and more- is vital to a successful marketing campaign.

But personalization is more than just welcoming back a returning customer or showing recommendations based on previous purchases. It's about using the data you have gathered throughout their interaction with your service to create a compelling experience that encourages them to take action and come back again.

So how do you make that happen with consistency when your brand has a wide range of audience types and demographics?

By building subscriber personas, you can segment users into categories and tailor your messaging and offers to help engage customers and improve your relevancy.

You already have a connection with your subscribers and you have access to personal information, such as product preferences, past and current needs, and purchase history, as well as all of the profiling data captured during the opt-in process. You don't have to rely on generic market segments or spend time on focus groups to paint a picture of your typical subscribers, because you already have the data you need to create your personas.

Personas give you the ability to target your audience beyond simple profiling attributes, such as location or occupation, by using all your customer data to communicate with your subscribers individually.

Personas are specific and often take into account precise characteristics, attitudes, behaviors, needs, influences, and goals while ignoring generic stereotypes and clichés that can sabotage your understanding of each persona.

It's important to always assign one of your messages to be the default version in case a subscriber doesn't fit into one of the categories. However, if you capture the right data during the opt-in process and continue to build subscribers' profiles with each email campaign that you send, you will have enough data available to send highly targeted and relevant campaigns which will help generate higher conversions.