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Healthcare Content Marketing

Share engaging content with your audiences to build relationships and gain trust.

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Think Across Devices

Customers are already searching and booking across multiple screens. If your business is still treating each interaction as unique, you could be left behind.

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Finalist at #DTAUSA

Shortlisted for Best Use of Performance for our SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscription campaign.

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The Customer Journey

PerformanceIN LIVE Speakers’ Corner showcases Q&A with Aaron Bali.

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Make Data Work For You

Unlocking the value of big data has turned into something of a holy grail, don’t let that side-track you from the value of going back to basics.

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Pay For Performance Can Be Win-Win

Alain Portmann talks performance-based remuneration and the importance of tailoring a model to suit both client and agency.

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Cognitive Side of Personalisation

Use cognitive models of information processing to boost effectiveness.

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Affluencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are on a convergent path that will result in a new, hybrid discipline we call Affluencer Marketing.

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Subscription vs. Retail Marketing

Marketers must understand the core differences in order to attract and engage with their differing audiences.

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Effective CX is the new standard for travel brands

Elizabeth Willett, Travel & Hospitality Marketing Lead, explains how CX can expose invaluable customer insights and protect Media investment.

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Why network agencies struggle

Alain Portmann explains why many agencies find it difficult to cope with performance models.

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Tech giants need to personalize, not generalize

Ivan Imhoff shares his experience and explains the benefits tech giants would get from personalising their marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketers are bridging the data gap

ExchangeWire speak with David Shiell about how BI can help to transform the management of big data.

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Digital marketers should use BI tools

David Shiell, CEO at House of Kaizen, highlights how business intelligence tools help iron out the heavy price paid for data discrepancies.

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CRO: the unsung hero

Most people tell you UX it’s about understanding what the customer wants. But digital spend figures tell a different story.

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Should programmatic embrace Guerilla tactics?

In the age of programmatic should Guerilla marketing be a one-off glorified on-off PR stunt? Suzie Duncan gives her opinion.

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The digital edge

The UK's digital economy represents nearly one third of the UK economy. What better time to start your career in digital marketing?

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Programmatic I/O San Francisco May 2017

Alain Portmann joined the panel at the conference in San Francisco. Watch this video for an interesting discussion about multi-touch attribution: a decision making framework to reveal the "inconvenient truth"!

Driving creativity in the age of the Math Men

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) could be the answer to the disconnect between data and creativity.

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How to make your business boom in Africa

Many of the world's strongest players are investing in Africa. What are the opportunities and risks?

David Shiell explains

Are subscription models set to play a vital role in the future of marketing?

As technology and subscription models evolve they are able to move outside of the generic publishing marketplace, into markets that had never before considered the model as an option. David Shiell, CEO House of Kaizen explains.

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Subscription models sell

David Shiell, CEO at House of Kaizen, explains why subscription models will play a vital role in the future of marketing.

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Subscription Marketing: Building a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime

How to connect with customers by achieving the ultimate goal of any subscription service

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The Digital Marketing Show , London

Alain Portmann, Partner & Head of Strategy and Insights at House of Kaizen, talks to Lucy from the .rising team at the first ever Digital Marketing Show in Nov 2014.

Research driven creative

Why personal opinions about creativity should be replaced with a consistent methodology and CRO principles.

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Affiliates and loyalty

Loyalty can still be difficult to maintain, or even build.That’s why many companies are now turning to affiliate marketing.

Chris explains

Optimal Climate for Success

House of Kaizen's David Sheill talks Australian luddism and CRO

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7 Lessons for Starting a Company

David Shiell's top seven lessons for starting a business with the benefit of hindsight

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The Rise of Commercial Partnerships

How technology is dramatically changing the client/agency relationship

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CRO: Set to move out from programmatic's shadow

Marketers will be learning a lot more about one of the most talked about performance method's in the industry.

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7 Lessons for Starting a Company

David Shiell's top seven lessons learned from starting a company with the benefit of hindsight

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CRO: The often forgotten part of digital marketing campaigns

Why CRO should be one of the most talked about aspects of the digital marketing industry

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Leveraging data to drive real-time advertising

PART 1: Alain Portmann presents the at the Digital Marketing Show, London.

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The human side of conversion optimisation

PART 1: Ivan Imhoff presents at the Digital Marketing Show, London.

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House of Kaizen closes the gap in agency models

House of Kaizen is forging a new path by offering brands end-to-end performance marketing solutions without compromise.

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House of Kaizen adopts new Abakus solution

Leading travel brand and House of Kaizen among first adopters applying economic game theory.

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Red Roof to launch affiliates

Leading performance marketing agency set to launch and manage Red Roof’s affiliate marketing initiatives

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AffiliateBenchmarks Fourth Survey

Affiliate Marketers answer a short survey in exchange for valuable data

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iGaming features Alain Portmann

Alain carried out an SEO analysis on ultimatepoker.com for iGaming, featuring in iGaming's August/Sept edition.

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How to measure the ROI of your affiliate marketing

What's the best way to measure the performance of your affiliate marketing?

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Is CRO the new Programmatic?

It's only a matter of time before marketers realise the potential of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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Ivan's prediction for 2014's biggest marketing trend

Vimily, on behalf of Performance Marketing Insights, asks Ivan about his predictions for the biggest performance marketing trends.

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Leveraging data to drive real-time advertising

PART 2: Alain Portmann presents the at the Digital Marketing Show, London.

Watch Part 2 of the video here

The human side of conversion optimisation

PART 2: Ivan Imhoff presents at the Digital Marketing Show, London.

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How the Internet can make you money

Forbes Africa article featuring Dayo Elegbe, our Managing Director in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Sixth annual affiliate survey

Affiliate Benchmarks, a research division of House of Kaizen, has begun the survey process for the largest study of its kind in the industry.

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AffilateBenchmarks™ Launches Largest Affiliate Survey

Publishers and advertisers are invited to participate in the AffiliateBenchmarks Research Study.

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Getting to know you: David Shiell

David Shiell talks business inspirations and what he may have done differently

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Ivan at Performance Marketing Insights, London, 2014

With a focus on market emerging trends, in this video Ivan explains a little about what we do at House of Kaizen.

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Book Review: How to be a Good Manager

Tools and lessons in transitioning to general management

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