Consumer research servicesUnderstand what makes your customers click, how they interact with your online content, what they think, feel and need in order to convert.

What we doAnalyse user psychology to help meet your audience needs

"We delve deeply into the users' mindset, finding insights to ultimately change their behaviour and perception, to boost your website performance."

Greg Casanova, UX Analyst


Our research approachIntegrating behavioural and attitudinal consumer insight to drive engagement.

Grounded in psychology and neuroscience we use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods, to gain profound understanding of how your users interpret websites and behave online.

Our research in actionZen Bedrooms: Understanding and responding to users’ needs

Our research servicesWe develop a unique research strategy for your business

Attitudinal Mindset Research

Understand how a user thinks and feels - their motivations and anxieties. Apply decision making science to influence customer perception and conversion rates.

About attitudinal research

Behavioural Research

Monitor user's online behaviour and interaction on your website. Identify trends, insights and opportunities to optimise the consumer journey.

About behavioural research

Social Media Word of Mouth (WOM)

User generated content is a powerful marketing intelligence source. Giving the opportunity to monitor and influence user's product and brand perceptions.

About WOM research

Our clientsWe’ve done a lot of good work for a lot of great clients over the years. Below are a few you might recognise.

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Our success storiesFind out how we have helped our clients get to know their customers

Stanley Gibbons +48.9% Conversion

Identify conversion gaps and improve the user experience across the entire website.

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International Herald Tribune optimisation

Users were 36.5% more likely to convert than those who saw the original pages.

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Faster search, giving users what they want

Discover how we improved this client’s eCommerce Conversion rate +70%.

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The Sun product pages adaptive for mobile

Identifying and reducing friction improved usability leading increased conversion.

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